Grain Testing

Out of the field, into the bin, at the elevator; shouldn’t you have the industries’ most accurate moisture tester on your side?

BCA Ag Tech offers a lineup of DICKEY-john moisture testers that fit any operation. Prevent spoilage in the bin and rejection at the scales with a fast and accurate moisture tester from DICKEY-john.

The Leading Handheld In The Industry

mini GAC

Portable, easy to use, accurate AND it does test weight! The mini GAC plus is the only handheld on the market to offer accurate test weight. Test weight and moisture are measured quickly and accurately with no weighing of grain and no clumsy screw on caps. With the ability to store over 450 grains and an automatic temperature compensation, the mini GAC plus is the last handheld you will ever buy!


Accuracy and Portability Paired With Affordability

GAC 500 XT

Accurately test moisture, temperature, and test weight anywhere on your farm. With a .2 moisture repeatability, this unit is easy to use and accurate.


Test Like The Pros

The GAC 2100 Agri provides economical accuracy. The fully automated grain tester gives you moisture, test weight, and temperature in just 32 seconds